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10 Tips For A Pro se Litigant

When you need to take legal recourse for any personal or business matter the only choice is not that of hiring an expensive lawyer. If you have determination, grit, knowledge, and the willingness to tackle matters yourself then you can represent yourself.

This self representation is called "Pro Se" which is Latin for "self."

In a court of law every citizen has the right to represent himself irrespective of whether he is the plaintiff or defendant. Pro-se is also known as propria persona or proper or litigant in person.

Although the law varies from state to state many courts permit pro-se litigations while others require the presences of a lawyer along with the pro-se representation. When a plaintiff or defendant chooses the pro-se route, he or she waives the right to a legal council throughout the case.

Alcohol Testing Devices Not Just For Police

I've worked at many places of business and to my surprise the only position that required me to conduct urine alcohol testing was my first internship at a local television station. From that position I moved around and worked at different companies and I was surprised how many businesses did not conduct this type of testing. So I did some research and it looks like alcohol testing is still around. Here's a list of industries and places where an alcohol testing device is still in use.

Police Officers

Police officers use an alcohol testing device referred to as the Breathalyzer. The Breathalyzer is a device for estimating blood alcohol content from a breath sample. Officers that are assigned to a DUI unit are trained in both alcohol and drug impairment. Some of the officers are also certified as Drug Recognition Experts. Per MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving) in 2006, an estimated 15,827 people died in alcohol-related traffic crashes”an average of one every 33 minutes. These deaths constitute 37 percent of the 42,532 total traffic fatalities. Of these, 13,470 involved a driver with an illegal BAC (.08 or greater). Based on statistics like these the illegal alcohol concentration limit is .08 or greater.

An Overview Of Ivf Message Boards

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is known to be a method of assisted reproduction technique in which fertilization is accomplished outside the body. A lot of women have undergone through this process for the aim to conceive baby and many of these women are successful enough that they were blessed with an offspring.

IVF is a very serious matter that primarily involves couples who are experiencing difficulty in having a child, and thinking that they might need medical help. Due to this fact and for the reason that more and more couples are experiencing such problem, a number of IVF message boards were developed especially for them.

The IVF message boards were designed for a particular purpose - to provide couples with problems on conceiving an outlet where they can meet new couples who experience the same difficulty in conceiving. These forums are not just designed for the couples to sympathize themselves, but for them to talk or discuss about in vitro fertilization and every aspect of this well-known technique.

Brisbane Building Site Safety

Every building site in Brisbane must adhere to the Queensland Government Health & Safety standards and guidelines. Every building site must have a Construction Safety Plan which will outline the safety procedures for each building site. The plan will state who is the Workplace Health & Safety officer for each building site.

Workplace Health & Safety officers are required for all building sites in Brisbane with 30 or more workers. WHSO offers are elected by the workers of the company. WHSO's often carry out Health & Safety Inspections and investigate and control risk assessment when accidents occur. WHSO's are entitled to paid Health & Safety training on request, although there are no formal WHSO training requirements. Any building site worker can be elected as a WHSO and if they choose the accept the role will be in charge of Health and Safety on the Building Site.

Can I Sue For A Laser

Cosmetic laser treatments generally fall into two categories; laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing (also known as photorejuvenation). The growing popularity of laser hair removal is due to the fact that the procedure is relatively painless, convenient, cheap, and highly effective compared to other hair removal techniques. It may also come to be seen as a breakthrough technology if it can achieve the 'holy grail' of permanent hair reduction. Laser skin resurfacing is aimed at correcting all types of skin irregularities. These may be inherited defects such as birthmarks, or perceived flaws such as scars, stretch marks and tattoos. It is equally popular among those who wish to reverse the natural signs of ageing, by removing wrinkles and erasing broken capillaries on the face for example. British women rightly see laser treatments as a safer and cheaper alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. A Which? report in 2008 found that 700,000 women had already tried laser therapy, and another 6 million said they would consider it in the future. At the same time the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) is recording 4,000 laser 'adverse events' every year, highlighting the need for prospective customers to choose their laser therapy clinic with the utmost care.

Career Options In Law

A lawyer helps people as well as businesses solve legal problems, understand rules and regulations, and ensure that the lives people lead are within the confines of law. Lawyers play many roles from arguing cases in court, to defending a person's or nation's right to freedom, and working with business houses handling their legal matters. This would mean knowing the laws of the land, being able to draft documents that will be upheld in any court, and advice people on their individual needs.

To be qualified in the field of law, a future lawyer needs to complete four years of undergraduate school followed by three years in a law school. Then a law graduate must complete the bar examination which tests the comprehensive knowledge of law. After this, the person is given a valid license to practice law. Tests are not just book knowledge; the person is screened for character as well as moral standards.

Choosing An Office Removal Company

When choosing an office removal company, there are certain things that one should take into account, before deciding to engage a particular moving company. While selecting an office removal provider, one should ensure that the provider is a professional office moving service provider and has been in the business for at least 2 to 3 years.

When looking to book a service provider for moving an office, one has to do it well in advance as they get booked up by other customers. The business owner has to request a quotation from at least three different service providers. This will ensure that one gets a fair idea of the existing rates in the market. The business owners also have to request them to visit their premises and have a look at their existing space, before they arrive at the quotation. Any good office moving service provider will come to the office location and estimate the volume of office space to come with a quotation. The business owners can also gauge the professionalism of the moving company by overseeing the way in which they do the estimate.

Chrysler Commemorates Jeep Brand’s History In Toledo

The Chrysler Group recently announced its plans to preserve one of the three most distinguished smokestacks on the former Jeep Parkway facility in Toledo. The smokestacks have been a well known part of the horizon of Toledo since 1915.

The oldest manufacturing facility in North America, Toledo's Parkway Plant has built about 11 million vehicles in its 96-year history. In 2006, the operations at the site came to a halt after manufacturing Jeep brand products for 64 years. The Jeep brand included military vehicles for World War II. And just last year, the production of the Jeep Wrangler and the new, four-door Unlimited version of the Wrangler was transferred to the new, $2.1 billion state-of-the-art Toledo Supplier Park.

Collaborative Networking For Mutual

80% of businesses do not network. They contain them selves inside their offices, shops, homes and schools and rely on traditional forms of marketing. Meanwhile their is a whole other world of opportunities to be tapped.

Social media is the buzz word in communication and electronic networking and fast becoming the norm in all businesses. Dispelling this form of communication as a flash in the pan or passing trend will only display an inability to accept change, similar to closing the doors to your shop because you don't want to deal with demanding customers.

Online shopping took the traditionalists by surprise. The smart ones embraced ecommerce and quickly integrated with traditional high street shopping to capture larger audiences. It proved a worthwhile exercise for the balance sheet. And cash flow, less effort for greater return, low overheads, quick turn around and real time market research via google analytics.

Comfort And Pure Fabric Conditioner Review

Comfort and Pure is a leading brand of laundry products in the UK. It specializes in creating laundry products that are safe for your baby's clothes and won't harm your baby's sensitive skin.

Comfort and Pure is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. And there is assurance that their products went through rigorous tests to be considered safe.

The company's skincare research is validated by the British Skin Foundation, who works closely with the British Association of Dermatologists, patient support groups and many established dermatology departments. In their effort to seek support for their own research, Comfort and Pure asks the British Skin Foundation for an Independent view. Dermatologists from the foundation then visit the company's laboratories to discuss skin health issues and are given full access to research data. Only when the British Skin Foundation approves of the research can Comfort and Pure's products carry the British Skin Foundation Logo. The company also works closely with the National Childbirth Trust.

Brain Injuries And Delusional Disorders

A delusion is a false belief with three basic characteristics: the person who holds it genuinely and deeply believes it is true; it is demonstrably false; the affected person does not waver in his or her opinion even when presented with solid contradictory evidence. It is markedly different from either a lie or a mistaken belief that changes when corrected. When a person suffers from persistent false beliefs that interfere with his or her daily functioning, he or she may be diagnosed with a delusional disorder.

These disorders can have many different underlying causes: genetic conditions, infections that affect the brain, progressive mental illness, and more. In many cases, doctors are unable to determine exactly why an individual patient has developed his or her symptoms. A certain percentage of these disorders are even caused by brain injuries. Whether the damage is related to a blow to the head, a forceful movement of the head that causes the brain to hit the walls of the skull, or prolonged oxygen deprivation, the consequences can be devastating.

Brain Injury Lawyer The Invisible Dilemma

There are times when a brain injury lawyer is tasked with the job of proving a case that seems next to impossible. Often called the invisible dilemma, it is tough to show that a victim has been through a difficult situation and was left with permanent damage that cannot be repaired. While some clients show obvious signs of what they have been through, others look completely normal from the outside. It takes a much closer look and extra evidence to actually prove the catastrophic results of the situation.

The Assistance of an Expert

A brain injury lawyer often depends on expert witnesses to prove a case. When the judge or jury looks over at the victim, the signs of damage may not be evident. If he or she is siting quietly and attempting to follow all of the proceedings, there are no signs that anything is wrong. Unfortunately, because there are no outward signs, the person or people handing the decision surrounding compensation can wrongfully assume that less is due to the victim.

Craniosacral Therapy Manipulating Your Brain And Spinal

Sometimes a light touch is all you need. At least, that's what proponents of craniosacral therapy believe. This relatively new type of massage, which has only been widely used in the alternative mainstream for about 30 years, works to alleviate problems associated primarily with pain and loss of function. It does this by applying very light pressure to evaluate and correct the body's craniosacral system: connected to the brain and spinal cord.

While the people who seek out cranisosacral therapy are sometimes disabled individuals or parents of babies who have undergone some type of birth trauma, it is also recommended for people who suffer from migraines, tension, anxiety and other relatively minor disorders. People who have it often report a variety of benefits, including improved sleep, better mobility and increased energy.

Dangers Of Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired brain injury or ABI is any damage to the brain resulting from a sudden, external, physical assault. Such injury is one of the most common causes of death and disability in adults.

Acquired brain injury (ABI) is an expansive term, which describes a wide range of injuries that occur to the brain. Damage to the brain may either be:

- Focal - damage is limited to one section of the brain

- Diffuse - damage occurs in more than one section of the brain

The severity of brain injuries may range from a minor concussion to a serious injury which results in coma or death.

Debunking Myths About Traumatic Brain

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a very serious matter. Most of these cases are not treated well because of lack of good information on how to treat such an injury. Oftentimes, some law professionals don't even have a full understanding on the truths about this debilitating injury that it affects the claims that get thru the insurance adjusters and disability examiners. That partly explains for many of claims getting unfair settlements or low disability benefits. What does a lawyer need to know about the truths regarding brain surgery? It is therefore worth noting the myths surrounding traumatic brain injury cases, and discerning the truth behind it.

Divorce And Your Children

The divorce rate stands at 50% of all marriages, effecting more than 1 million children in the United States each year. This is the second in series of articles that looks at divorce and children and focuses on the general effect of divorce. The other articles examine the cultural changes in the attitude toward marriage, custodial arrangements and remarriage on the children involved in the divorce process and the last articles reflects on the of counseling children of divorce.

There are many studies that discuss the extent of psychological and behavioral problems that a child of divorce faces.

A new term is being used in the literature to describe today's family unit; binuclear family as opposed to the nuclear family. A binuclear family is any family that spans two households. This language is replacing the term broken home (Karpf & Shatz, 2005). Karpf and Shatz suggested using this term rather than broken family to present a "more positive view" of the divorced family. The major difference between the nuclear family and the binuclear family is the potential complexity of extended family relationships. Children dealing with step-parents, step- siblings, being shuttled between two homes, holidays being split between two family traditions.

Drug Addiction

When looking at drug use, drug abuse, drug dependency and drug addiction, one finds that there are many divergent opinions about these terms and how they identify the drug-using behaviors of the public. Dr. Alan Leshner, the Director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse for the U.S. Government, states: "There is a unique disconnect between scientific facts and the public's perception of drug addiction,"

From a lecture in March, 1998 at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Leshner explained how brain function is modified by drug use and how that change persists after an individual stops taking drugs. Addiction also has to be recognized as a result of many bio-behavioral factors.