Hardwood Floor vacuum Cleaner

Deciding on what is the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner to use may involve a little decision making on your part. Hardwood floors are made out of materials that are by-products of timber, and typically provide a classy finish to a well built house. The appeal that it adds to the home is one of the reasons why it is one of the more popular options for flooring. Because of the limitation when it comes to sources, it is also one of the more expensive flooring options, whether solid or engineered. It is often much cheaper and practical to use other materials such as cement, ceramic tiles, or vinyl products.

Choosing hard wood over tiles or cement is a major decision, and is often considered as a good investment. Thus,maintaining it and ensuring that it stays beautiful for a longer period of time needs is usually the next item on the list of things to do. With the variety of cleaners available, it is often asked which hardwood floor cleaner will provide the best shine and care.

cleanr for hardwood floors

1.) Traditional Cleaners – A solution combining vinegar and water has always been considered as one of the easier ways of cleaning your floor.  There may be some differences in the ratio of ingredients, and some versions may include other components such as linseed oil and mineral oil. This option is widely popular because it is a much cheaper alternative to the commercial cleaners, and has most likely been passed through generations.

The downside to using this method, however, is that it has an ill effect on wood. Water is widely known to be an enemy of wood, and may cause damage and decay in the long run. Wood absorbs and attracts water and will eventually be damaged by it even with protective coatings or regular cleaning. Vinegar, on the other hand, contains acidic properties that will work against the wooden nature of the floor.  Your floor, in time, will become dull and lifeless.

Some experts recommend the use of water and soap instead of vinegar. This may be a bit better because it is free from acid, but an excessive use of water may prove more harmful than beneficial in the end. This is obviously the cheaper alternative, and would be a good choice for people who are willing to compromise the quality and durability of the floor.

2.) Commercial Cleaners – Perhaps a better option would be to get the suggestion of floor manufacturers on which hardwood floor cleaner will best fit the installed flooring. While the industrial cleaners will definitely not make the floor newer, it will make the wooden floors shinier and cleaner for a longer period of time.  With regular cleaning and use of the proper equipment, this will help protect your precious floor from being damaged by people, pets and appliances.

Hardwood floors are more difficult to maintain, and it is very important that quality products are used. With an excellent product coupled with the right vacuum cleaner or equipment, cleaning the floors will be a much easier task compared to using the traditional means. In the long run, using these recommended cleaners would result to a more durable and shiny floor.

A good commercial hardwood floor cleaner often comes ready to use or pre-dilluted. To make things simpler for the user, it can simply be transferred into a spray bottle or applied directly to the floor. You may also want to consider getting a cleaner that is environmentally friendly and  non toxic.

3.) Expert Intervention – For hard to clean stains that have affected a large area of the floor, or for dirt or damage that can not be removed using ordinary means, the best solution would be to hire a professional floor expert. A major oil spill, a painting accident, or a disastrous kiddie party may lead to seemingly irreversible damage to your floor. Heavy equipment use or even removal of the wood may be necessary for such extreme cases. Instead of having to change everything and buying a new set of wooden tiles, it may be more cost efficient to spend on such experts.

The final decision on which product or service to use will really depend on personal preference and financial capability. Finding the right balance between the two is often needed in order to get the best possible hardwood floor cleaner for your floor.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is a good alternative to hardwood flooring. While not as expensive as hardwood, it is still made of real wood with finish wood on top and non-finish plywood beneath. It may contain 3 to 12 multiple, cross layers that are pressed and glued together, and is available in different variety and wood species.

They may be manufactured by having the top layer sliced or cut from log similar to solid wood flooring. This will give a more natural look and a thicker wear layer. Another way it to use the rotary cut, which involves the peeling of the layer from the log to give better “graining.”

Choosing between engineered hardwood flooring and other flooring options may be a challenging task, and it will help to know the pros and cons of using such. Here are some things to remember when it comes to the engineered version:

  • Extra strength – the middle layer of the engineered flooring is assembled cross ways, and gives additional strength. Regular hardwood will provide the strength of the variety of lumber from which it was taken, while the engineered wood will have several layers of alternating grains running in separate directions.
  • Pre-finished – the top layer is made pre-finished; the wood is already sanded as well as sealed. It is ready for use and may be opened to traffic once properly installed. Solid hardwood on the other hand needs to be sealed, and takes waiting time prior to use.

  • Sanding – unlike laminate floors, engineered wood can be sanded after scratches develop. It is made of real wood so the maintenance process for real hardwood can be done. Sanding it would get rid of the scratches, and will provide a finish that is as good as new. However, the layer is not as thick as 100% wood so it may be sanded for about three times max. It would be better to get professional help when sanding because of the high chance of going beyond the first layer and revealing the plywood beneath.
  • Moisture – for rooms with light moisture such as kitchens and basements, engineered hardwood flooring may be a better option compared to hardwood. Regular wood is more susceptible to damage caused by moisture, and may expand and contract as the temperature changes. Engineered wood is able to withstand moisture better, but perhaps not as much as concrete or other non-organic products.
  • Installation – this is also much easier to install compared to 100% wood, and may be installed through different methods. You can opt to nail it, glue it down, or even use the floating floor method. Click-Loc flooring is also gaining ground in the market, and it allows wood with tongue and groove systems to simply fit together. Click-Loc can also be installed with different types of sub-floors, as well as over existing hardwood, tile or vinyl flooring. Solid hardwood is more difficult to install, and you will most likely need to secure the help of professional installers.

Engineered hardwood flooring comes in all sizes, design and affordability. The cheaper versions usually come in 3/8 in thickness, have a very thin top layer, and may be bought at liquidators and discount warehouses. At the other side of the market are products that have a really thick top layer that can be sanded and refinished several times. It is necessary to distinguish between the two, because it is easy to be confused especially when these are intermingled. It is also important to realize that in some cases it is a wiser choice to pick engineered over hardwood, especially when durability, cost and flexibility are major factors.

In making the final decision, bear in mind the specific needs that the area will be facing. Will it be high traffic? Is it the center of attention? Will it be subjected to moisture and temperature changes? Is it a room that will only be used once in a while? These factors, taken in conjunction with price considerations, should make you decide between choosing a cheaper product that is not as durable, or the top of the line products. The pros and cons of using engineered hardwood flooring will also help in the decision making process.

Techniques for weed whacking

Weed whackers, which is also called string trimmers, are necessary tools to make your lawn well groomed and look neat. Use them on the hill ways including tight spots and uneven areas that are hard to mow. They make the faster work of edging and removing weeds and grass surrounding foundations, lawn ornaments, and trees. When shopping for a weed eater, choose the heaviest design that you can hold it comfortably without tiring and make cuts easily.

weed wacker

Safety first.

Read the instruction manual attaching to your best weed wacker before using, and especially focus on the safe suggestions. Tips of weed eaters’ line turn about 400 miles per one hour, and it can deliver loose debris to speeding missiles. The motor’s angle slightly far from your body to keep that debris from flying toward your side. Wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, heavy boots, goggles, ear protection, and gloves. Use the suggested kind of the extension line for electronic trimmers and enable gas trimmers to cool entirely before refueling.

Cutting around objects

The weed whacker can make serious injuries for shrubs and trees. Keeping them too near to trees can take off the bark, girdling trunks, and making entry places for disease. Whackers can also remove a chunk from foundations and concrete steps. Move the motor gently toward fixtures and plants and stop before it touches them. Use mulch surrounding valuable trees so that you don’t need to use a whacker near them.

Trim down to the soil to kill weeds. Trying to keep the motor a distance about 2-3 inches far from the ground. After a few times of practice, you will able to cut evenly without gouges or nicks. When trimming tall grass and weeds, lower the machine slightly. If you’re trying to trim the tall grass at the base, they can twist around the motor head and make it put off. The first tips are moving it down till you see the right level.


Trimming the lawn makes your garden look neater, but for a real manicured landscape, it helps to complete by edging the grass along paths, flower beds, and driveways. You have many options for edges, but the widely sold and affordable string trimmer runs well without the requirement for extra tools. With a few times of practice, you can turn your string trimmer into an easy and quick edging tool.

  1. Wear goggles. Start the string trimmer following the instruction of the manufacturer. With a gas motor, install the choke, turn on and force the start line.
  2. Keep the weed whacker normal with one hand on the trigger throttle and the other hand on the handle. Higher up the motor and turn the motor head, then the line stands straight to the ground. At this corner, the motor will trim a more narrow dimension, which is to help you make the lawn edges.
  3. Hang on the motor line on the string trimmer with edges of the drive, flower bed or walk. Push the trigger throttle to begin the line turning. Hold the motor handle tightly then it can’t slide out of the right place.
  4. Lower the spinning motor line till it’s on the ground. Move to the outer edge of the drive, bed or walk to cut overgrown weeds and create a finished, neat edge with the motor line.

Now you have a beautiful and neat lawn by using a weed whacker. Periodically clean the garden to keep your landscape valuable.

Helpful Home Heating Tips

In cold winter months, the last thing that you would want is for your central heating system to break down. That is never good news for anyone in such a situation. Wood stoves come in handy in such situations though. Such stoves are less likely to break down because they entail the use of wood and wood-derivatives to heat the home whenever you want.

Home Heating

In addition, wood burning stoves are not dependent on electricity and gas like most central heating systems. Therefore, shortages of such types of fuel will not cause you to spend sleepless nights in the cold, hoping for deliverance. The benefits of wood burning stoves in providing central heating cannot be underestimated.  You can opt to have a wood burning stove to act as a stand-by in the event that your central heating system breaks down even when you do not want to use it all the time.


Wood fuel regardless of the form it comes in is one of the cheapest ways to get heating in your home. You can buy that kind of fuel in bulk and use it whenever necessary. As long as it has been preserved properly, wood fuel can last you a very long time. The amount of money that you will pay for heating your home using a wood stove is, therefore, much less that you would using other fuel types that central heating systems usually favour.

Zone Heating:

Central heating systems usually work by distributing heat from one source to the rest of your home or building. This method of heat distribution does not factor in parts of the home of the building that are not being used. On the other hand, you can opt for a wood burning stove that is capable of zone heating. This means that you can make use of it in the rooms of the home that actually need the heat while leaving off those that are not in use. In the end, this method is much more cost- effective.

Lower Energy Consumption:

The process of distributing heat from one major source to the rest of the home is one that has its share of challenges. One of the major problems of central heating is the fact that it results in a significant heat loss by the time the heat reaches where it is supposed. When such a system is malfunctioning, the amount of heat that is wasted is quite high. You will end up with higher energy bills for heat you have not even benefited from. The ability to control the amount of heat being generated by wood burning stoves, on the other hand, means that you use less energy and have the bills to match.

Eco-Friendliness :

Wood is a natural fuel that is made from trees. When you make use of a well-made wood stove for burning, you are in essence helping preserve the environment. Wood is environmentally friendly and as fuel, it is sustainable in most cases unlike other types of fuel that have huge carbon footprints.Heating up your home using a wood burning stove is, therefore, one of the best things you can do for yourself, your pocket and the environment. The control you will have as opposed to when you use central heating is also a plus.

The Karcher K 2.350 Electric Pressure Washer

Product review for the Karcher K 2.350 Electric Pressure Washer

Product review for the Karcher K 2.350 Electric Pressure Washer

This product is an award winning product that will make your life so much easier. You must have felt many times that almost all your free time goes away in cleaning and grooming. It could be your car porch, your driveway, your patio, your windows, or your vehicle. Whatever the case is, some or the other cleaning job always keeps turning up. But with the award winning Karcher Electric Pressure Washer, all your washing and cleaning jobs will be completed in a trice. It is efficient and very versatile, which will save you a lot of time and effort.

Features and Specifications:

Karcher K 2.350  1800 PSI 1.5G PM Electric Pressure Washer

The new Karcher Electric Pressure Washer is really a wonderful product that will make your life easy. It has so many features that make it a really useful product for your cleaning purposes. Before you purchase this product however, it is important that you should know some details about the product so that you can have a knowhow of the product. Here are some important details that you should know:

  • Excellent design: The first and most prominent feature is the design of this washer. Not only is it great to look at, but is also strong and sturdy. It has been made using the best materials ensures maximum sturdiness and durability. Not only this but also, it has been built in a compact design, which makes it easy to store and keep in small places.
  • Excellent performance: The performance of this machine is excellent. With respect to pressure as well as volume, this instrument can handle a lot. So now you can clean a lot of area, in a very short time and very minimum effort. Also, the stream of water as well as pressure can be controlled. So this means that you can adjust it according to the cleaning job. If you want to clean a small area, or a less robust piece of machinery or equipment, then you can use lesser pressure. But if you want to work on tougher stains and grime, or large vehicles, then high pressure will do the trick for you.
  • Excellent parts: The accompanying parts of this product are of high quality and for great convenience. It has a dual detergent container which means that you can use two different detergents or cleaning agents simultaneously. The container can be removed and washed. The hose is really long, flexible and very durable. This helps you reach the more difficult part with ease.

Pros and Cons:


  • Durable
  • Adjustable pressure
  • High volume
  • Comes with a two year warranty
  • Quality parts
  • Easy to store
  • Durable.


  • Water leaks from the place where two pipes meet.

What did the customers say about this?

Most customers have found it to be a great and very convenient electric pressure washer for cleaning almost everything. They gave it 3.6 stars out of 5.


If you wish to clear out the space taken by cleaning agents and cleaning equipment then this is the perfect product for you. Go ahead and buy this product if you want to make your life easier.