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Brisbane Building Site Safety

Every building site in Brisbane must adhere to the Queensland Government Health & Safety standards and guidelines. Every building site must have a Construction Safety Plan which will outline the safety procedures for each building site. The plan will state who is the Workplace Health & Safety officer for each building site.

Workplace Health & Safety officers are required for all building sites in Brisbane with 30 or more workers. WHSO offers are elected by the workers of the company. WHSO's often carry out Health & Safety Inspections and investigate and control risk assessment when accidents occur. WHSO's are entitled to paid Health & Safety training on request, although there are no formal WHSO training requirements. Any building site worker can be elected as a WHSO and if they choose the accept the role will be in charge of Health and Safety on the Building Site.

WHSR's “ Workplace Health & safety Representatives are a also responsible for health and safety enforcement on building sites. WHSR's are responsible for reviewing and incidents and accidents that occur on the building site. WHSR's can issue PINS this stands for Provisional Improvement Notices “ these act as an order between employees to employers requiring that their employers address any unacceptable risks and dangers in the workplace.

A workplace Health & Safety committee is set up for most building sites with 30 or more builders working there. These committees create a dialogue between builders and their employers where Health and Safety issues can be discussed out in the open. Whenever a WHSR requests a committee to be formed the employer must act according to their wishes and set up a committee on behalf of the company workers.

Builders in Brisbane must also be aware of federal law in relation to building standards and code of practice which of course apply all over Australia. In Queensland building approval and building regulations are managed at the city council level “ therefore builders in Brisbane need to contact Brisbane City Council for important updates to safety information which apply to building approval standards. The City Councils responsible for managing risk and environmental exposure for building sites in Brisbane.

By: Scott Challen