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Esophageal Cancer Alternative Treatments

Esophageal cancer alternative treatments are most often provided to patients who are undergoing traditional or conventional treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery and so on for reducing side effects, enhancing the quality of life and for strengthening the body of the patients. Alternative treatments compliment the traditional treatment methods that they are known as complementary treatments.

Some of the popular alternative or complementary treatments provided for esophageal cancer patients are pain management, mind body medicine, physical therapy, nutritional therapy, naturopathic medicine, spiritual support and image enhancement.

Nutritional therapy is one of the very essential alternative treatments for esophageal cancer patients as cancer depletes the nutrients present in the body and leads to weight loss. Cancer can also create a negative impact on digesting foods and their appetite that patients should be assessed for their nutritional requirements and customized nutritional plans should be provided to patients to prevent them from severe malnutrition. Patient's blood is analyzed to find out their protein stores and immunocompetence.

Nutritional interview helps in knowing the patient's food preferences, appetite, digestion capacity and any prevailing potential complications. Diet profile and nutrition anthropometrics for measuring the fat content and lean tissue loss are determined. Accordingly patients suffering from esophageal cancer are provided mineral and vitamin supplements which are present in their diet and for boosting the immunity of the body. Some of the important nutrients that are supplemented include vitamin E, EPA or Eicosapentaenoic acid, Vitamin C, Selenium and Beta Carotene.

Pain management is aimed at easing the pain caused by esophageal cancer. Pain can be either acute or chronic. Acute pain is caused by damage of tissues and can be for a limited period of time while chronic pain persistent for more months and can cause anxiety, insomnia and depression. Assessment of pain can be based on the location of the pain, intensity, behaviors observed, pain effects, psychosocial variables, risk factors that influence their occurrence and so on. Pain management either controls pain or changes the sufferer's perception of it.

Pharmacological approach involves use of analgesics or other medicines while non pharmacological approaches involve radiation, surgery, behavioral techniques, neurosurgical or neurological interventions, psychosocial interventions and traditional nursing. Neuropathic medicine is another effective alternative treatment for esophageal cancer that can help in maintaining physical strength, well being and lowers the side effects caused by esophageal cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and so on.

Esophageal cancer alternative treatment like spiritual support involves various aspects of faith, belief and healing through prayers, contemplation and reading.

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