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Plastic Surgeons- 10 Tips From A Plastic Surgeon To Help Find A Good One

1. Have any of your friends, family or colleagues any experience of a Plastic Surgeon? Personal recommendation is often the best way to learn about the best Surgeons in your area as they rarely advertise.

2. Is your Surgeon listed on the General Medical Councils list of Specialist Plastic Surgeons? This lists Surgeons who are specifically trained in Plastic Surgery

3. Is your Surgeon a member of the following main professional organisations for Plastic Surgery in the UK?

a. The British Association of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons which lists recognised Plastic Surgeons in the UK

b. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons which lists Surgeons in your area who specialise in Cosmetic Surgery and are submitted to yearly audit.

4. Does your surgeon specialise in the procedure you are considering?

5. How many of the procedure you are considering does the Surgeon perform per year?

6. Ask the Surgeon if they have encountered any complications following the treatment you are considering. It is relatively common to have minor and less commonly more major problems following surgery and your Surgeon should be honest and open about this.

7. Will you be able to see before and after photos of patients your surgeon has treated? Ask how long after surgery the photographs were taken and check whether they are taken with the same lighting.

8. Is your surgeon happy to put you in contact with patient he or she has treated to gain a personal testimonial of their work?