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Shut Down Fined For Breaking Food Safety Laws

How do I comply with the law for food safety?

What is the food legal requirement?

What sort of food safety certificate do I need?

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a food business, if you are selling and making food, then food safety training is an essential component of your food business.

The consequences of inaction are heavy and in many cases are imposed immediately.

Formal action is taken against all food businesses to be found cutting corners around food safety.

The first step is to obtain a UK Level 2 Food Safety Certificate.

On July 1 2009 Environmental health officers visited The Raja Halal Meat shop in Harrow to discover no food safety training. You will find out what happened to them a little later.

Why had no training been done? Many food businesses cite cost' or too expensive', and coupled with the |haven't got time' or |can't allow my staff time off', particularly if they are quite busy or have a queue of customers, then risking one night of non-compliance over food safety standards seems much more appealing than splashing out profits on training and taking staff away from their duties.

Let's dispel these 2 common myths; a food safety certificate course taken online costs ¬+25+VAT and pales into insignificance when compared to the fines imposed for not having training. Secondly, being too busy' is no excuse given the food safety certificate can be obtained online, which means from any PC with an internet connection. A staff member can complete a food safety assessment in 2-3 hours from home and is very practical given that this training needs to be refreshed every 3 years.

The Environmental Health Officer is looking to see that all staff are (as the law says) appropriately trained.

You no longer need to worry about whether your local authority or council accepts certificate, because in doing food safety training you have met the legal obligation.

Once you receive your Level 2 Food Safety certificate, you are free to display it and most importantly use it as proof that you have met the legal requirement for food handlers.

Job done!

No, not quite. This is not the final step.

Pleading sheer ignorance and saying not knowing the law' or being unaware' of the food safety legal requirements is another excuse given to Environmental Health Officers. If a food business operates without compliance to food safety standards, they can be shut down on site.

Another look at the findings from the Raja Halal Meat shop environmental health inspection revealed that it was not properly registered with Brent Council.