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Supervising Children When They Use The Internet

Official issue out this warning that children's personal information released online may fall in the hands of those who harm kids. The profiles of children are being made and constantly updated as long as they keep giving out personal information.

The information gathered for marketing can also wind up in the hands of those who seek to inflict harm on children. Present technology is both something good and also something dangerous for our kids.

A bill is currently instructing all companies not to sell any child marketing data unless the parents are first consulted. It also would require companies to disclose where they got the information and where it was distributed. Many might not realize that their kids are sharing more information than they should.

By gathering information from various sites, one can actually form the profile of a child. It's phenomenal to think that people may have more information on my child than I have, a parent of two said.

The reasons for why the bill is there ought to be taught to the people, the congressman said. Supporting him is a woman whose daughter was kidnapped and murdered.

The jury in the case decided on the guilty verdict for the suspect. Whether the death sentence should be handed down or not is still being decided. The father reported that a marketing company sold a list of names, ages, and addresses of children in the Pasadena, California area for $277. Some are battling the registration of sex offenders and also community notification programs.

According to him, offenders may hide who they are, but they would still be able to do their deeds. He is unable to make sense of it all. The marketing industry argues that there are enough precautionary measures. The father of the victim told them that though they would want to see the victims, he can't show them any and that they won't even be able to testify. Teachers, law enforcement officers, librarians, religious leaders and others who participated in the conference touched on other troublesome elements of the Internet from pornography to hate groups and how to protect children from them.