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The Various Advantages Of Working In A Big Law Firm

A survey conducted by the American Bar Association has revealed that many attorneys in private practice are also employed in big law firms. Some of these over-sized law firms having more than 100 attorneys on their pay-roll are recognized as mega law firms. There is no denying that employment in a big law firm has unique benefits and challenges those seldom found in other practice environments. Large law firms provide highly paid practice environments for legal professionals and the attorney employees are offered generous compensation packages as compared to those working in the government, judiciary, less big law firms, non-profit and public interest organizations.

Since many large law firms pay handsomely, big law firms can afford to recruit better qualified lawyers, paralegals and staff. Mega law firms often recruit only the top students from the most prestigious law schools. Paralegals in large law firms generally have bachelor's degrees and meaningful experience in their legal specialty. Clients generally entrust complex litigation and transactional legal work to big law firms which have highly talented attorneys and plenty of resources.A big law firm with diversified client base is unlikely to encounter financial difficulty as such the employee attorneys enjoy job security as well as attractive compensation.

Employee attorneys of big law firms also have access to service copy centers and extensive law libraries, in-house gyms and full-service cafeterias. A large law firm has extensive administrative and support staff at its disposal and employee attorneys can avail their services. Staff may include administrators, secretaries and paralegals, marketing specialists, IT personnel, office clerks, librarians and messengers.

Big law firms have prestigious offices and spacious surroundings compared with small firms, public interest firms and the government. Further, offices of big law firms are generally located in prime areas, close to the courthouse, fine dining (to woo clients and recruits) and all other amenities. Many of the mega law firms have multi-jurisdictional practices and at multiple locations across the globe providing lawyers and paralegals the opportunity to serve international clients. Large law firms often conduct training and orientation programs for their associates, employee attorneys, paralegals and other law firm professionals.

Many big law firms have well-defined organizational hierarchies creating not only more job opportunities but also growth prospects. The career graph of a lawyer employed in a large firm might progress from entry-level/junior associate to mid-level associate, senior associate, non-equity partner, equity partner and senior partner.

Lawyers working for a large law firm may enjoy benefits ranging from free admission to sporting events and invitation to cultural programs and all prestigious social events. Working for a well-established and well-recognized law firm means high social status. The opportunity to handle high-end, complex legal work provides the employee lawyers with an intellectually challenging environment.

However, working for a big law firm does not mean it is only a bed of roses. It has also its own share of disadvantages. Working for long and irregular hours is inescapable when you are hired by big law firms. The road to higher positions in a large law firm may take much longer with several tiers and rigid conditions for advancement. Due to elaborate hiring processes and attractive pay packages, the workload of lawyers, paralegals and other professionals can be demanding and high standards of competence will be expected. Since large law firms tend to be more specialized, lawyers may be forced into a niche practice area that may not be in keeping with his or her aptitude.