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Working For Local Government - Revenue And Benefits Jobs

The Revenue & Benefits recruitment market has undergone a significant transformation in recent years; from the process of outsourcing to the creation of a large temporary jobs market and continual developments in legislation and IT. This coupled with the fact that the credit crunch has lead to an increase in demand on public services and need for benefits, means revenue and benefits jobs are much more prevalent.

Working within revenues and benefits means that you work in the hub of the local community. You will liaise closely with key people within the local authorities and with the public. Some preconceptions about the nature of working in a benefit or revenue jobs as being rather ordinary or modest, have long since been broken down as local government organizations strive to be an employer of choice and on the whole, are succeeding. Such roles also continue to offer that feeling of contribution to society by way of supporting your local or regional community and this shouldn't be underestimated.

Revenue and benefits jobs are hugely varied and offer a choice of many roles including; revenues & benefits jobs, housing benefit assessor jobs, council tax officer jobs, council tax recovery jobs, council tax manager jobs, complaints/appeals officer jobs, control officer jobs, NNDR officer jobs, trainer jobs, change manager jobs, overpayment officer jobs, customer service officer jobs, project worker jobs, visiting officer jobs, benefit system specialist jobs, LHA specialist jobs, administrator jobs, housing benefit manager jobs, protection officer, benefits fraud officer, fraud investigator, inspection officer, housing benefits officer, appeals officer.

As well as earning a fair salary for the job you do in local government, these roles can offer many other benefits that might be less consistent in a commercial, market led environment.

As a rule, local government employees are entitled to what is often a generous amount of annual leave. Local Government are often very supportive when it comes to other types of leave too, such as having children, caring for others, bereavement, study for further career development and community interests.

Whether you are thinking of applying for a benefits or revenue job based on a current career path or based on some existing skills, it's good to consider that local government has long been known as an employer keen to train and develop its staff. Although the type of training may vary amongst councils, they all think of staff development as very important. Some councils have shown their dedication to the ongoing professional development of staff, by achieving Investors in People (IiP) status. This is a national initiative to promote excellence in training and development. Some also offer training programmes for specific groups of people such as graduates, apprentices, management and certain professions such as law or accountancy.

Local government also offers a statutory, funded pension scheme for employees making it very secure compared to most. If you become employed in local government (with a few exceptions) you will automatically become a member of The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) unless you opt not to join or you have previously opted out, or you are a casual employee.

By: clyde rems